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  • My PhD on Non-Euclidean Patternmaking is under an intellectual property embargo for many years, so if you would like more information please be patient and wait for the release of my official books on the subject.
  •  I am looking to trial Non-Euclidean patternmaking and drape measures in fashion companies, but we have very specific needs.
  • Students: if you ask me to answer a dozen questions I don't usually have time to answer them. If you ask me one or two good ones there is more of a chance you will get a response.
  • I am not presently taking interns.
  • The flat patterns for zero-waste fashion designs are extremely valuable and took years of privately funded research to develop, please do not ask if you can have them for free.
  • Young aspiring fashion designers who want career advice please refer to my publications and please do not drop your math and science subjects in school. Best wishes, you are the future of our industry!
  • For those interested in the Fashion & STEAM program check out my Fashion STEAM website
  • I am human and get incredibly busy, so please don't be offended if I do not reply or reply incredibly slowly.

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