Non-Euclidean Patternmaking

“Non-Euclidean Patternmaking” is a new form of fashion patternmaking based on the mathematics of Non-Euclidean geometry which fundamentally changes the way we understand and practise fashion design. It was developed during Liu's (2015) PhD research in order to addresses systemic problems encountered in traditional patternmaking techniques. Built from the ground up on rigorous mathematical principles, it enables greater accuracy, control, creative freedom and new possibilities. 

This is the first dress created in a new collection based on Non-Euclidean Patternmaking techniques.

This complex garment was made from organic silk help. 

It was created using a new invention that measures the curvature of curved surfaces called the "drape measure".

More will be coming soon...

LIU, M. 2015, ‘Fashioning Geometric Patterns: Investigating the underlying geometry of fashion patternmaking.’ PhD Thesis, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Photography: Shane Lo